October 1, 2023
Typing Programs for Kids


In today’s digital age, strong typing skills are essential for kids to excel academically and succeed in their future careers. With the increase in remote learning and homeschooling, it’s necessary to provide children with effective typing programs that they can use at home. In this article, we will explore some of the best typing programs for kids to learn and improve their typing skills, with a focus on the popular platform called Monkey Type.

1. Monkey Type:

Monkey Type is an interactive online typing program that offers engaging exercises and tests to help kids improve their typing speed and accuracy. It provides a user-friendly interface, visually appealing graphics, and various typing lessons to cater to different skill levels. Monkey Type also offers real-time performance statistics, allowing kids to track their progress and identify areas for improvement. With its gamified approach and fun animations, Monkey Type makes learning to type an enjoyable experience for kids.

2. TypingClub:

TypingClub is a comprehensive and widely used typing program designed specifically for students. It offers a structured curriculum that gradually introduces new keys and typing techniques, allowing kids to build their typing skills step by step. TypingClub provides interactive lessons, practice exercises, and games to reinforce learning. It also offers progress tracking, customizable lesson plans, and the ability for parents and teachers to monitor their child’s performance.

3. Dance Mat Typing:

Dance Mat Typing is a free online typing program created by the BBC. It features a colorful and engaging interface that appeals to younger children. The program is divided into different levels, focusing on specific keys and typing skills. Dance Mat Typing incorporates animated characters and interactive exercises to make learning to type fun and engaging for kids. The program guides children through the typing process, providing feedback and encouragement.

4. Nitro Type:

Nitro Type is a typing program that combines typing practice with an exciting racing game. Kids can compete in virtual races against other players by typing quickly and accurately. The program offers a variety of race options, including multiplayer races and tournaments. Nitro Type provides a motivating and competitive environment that encourages kids to improve their typing speed while having fun.

5. Typing.com:

Typing.com is a comprehensive typing program that offers a wide range of lessons, exercises, and games to help kids develop their typing skills. It covers all the necessary aspects of typing, including proper finger placement, speed, and accuracy. Typing.com features a user-friendly interface, progress tracking, and interactive lessons that cater to different learning styles. It also provides a teacher portal for educators to monitor their students’ progress.

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