October 1, 2023
How can multiple users work on WhatsApp?

One of the most widely utilized platforms for corporate communication, WhatsApp Business is gradually gaining popularity.

The software makes it easier to have brief, useful, and intimate chats. And that’s great news for any business hoping to replicate the in-store shopping experience online.

Unfortunately, only four people can use WhatsApp Business in its standard configuration at once.

Businesses that receive numerous WhatsApp bulk messages may ask for more. Luckily, a solution exists.

During the next several minutes, we’ll go through how to start utilizing WhatsApp Business with numerous users.

Success is undoubtedly not a coincidence. WhatsApp stands out for its ease of use, neat design, sharing of multimedia messages, and ad-free features.

Almost everyone is intrigued by this ground-breaking messaging platform since it has features developed specially for various users from both small and large businesses.

Yet, some users may find it difficult to manage due to varying capabilities and message constraints.

Simply put, because WhatsApp uses an authentication method that only links it to one phone number, it is difficult to access the WhatsApp account on many devices simultaneously.

This is exceedingly difficult for large and medium-sized businesses. When numerous users and tens of thousands of incoming messages exist, how can they manage all chats on a single device?

WhatsApp Business, an application for larger enterprises with several users,

The official WhatsApp app was created for small businesses with few incoming messages.

Because of this, only a limited number of people are intended to have access to it. Up until September 2021, the WhatsApp Business app may only be used on two devices.

As part of the new test programme, teams may use the software on five devices, including one phone.

As a result, you are still unable to use WhatsApp Business on two different phones.

When utilized across several devices, the WhatsApp app ought to be considered a stopgap measure. Long-term, you’ll start to have issues:

No internal communication channels

Lack of capacity to assess the effectiveness of certain agents and limited scope for automation

For bigger enterprises, WhatsApp Business with more than four users: the API

For larger businesses looking to use WhatsApp Business with more than four users, WhatsApp launched the WhatsApp API. As a result, you can:

Using several users to manage WhatsApp Business: Message coworkers, have internal meetings, and assist more clients.

Talking machines: Use chatbots, establish guidelines, and provide quick automated responses.

Get perceptive knowledge: Count the number of discussions, the number of frequently asked questions, and other details.

Using the WhatsApp API, the message window is 24 hours. A client who contacts your business has 24 hours to respond.

Your only choice for responding after that is to email pre-written responses. These messages have been authorized by WhatsApp.

How to use the app for WhatsApp Business with numerous users

If you want to use the WhatsApp Business app on numerous devices or people, you must take part in the beta programme. It takes little time and is simple to do.

  1. First, open the WhatsApp Business app.
  2. then choose “additional options” from the menu.
  3. Click “Linked devices” just once.
  4. Just choose “Multi-device beta.”
  5. To join the beta, click.

Now that you’ve joined the programme, you may connect more devices to your phone. This is also possible under “Linked devices.”

How to utilize the API to use WhatsApp Business with numerous agents?

The WhatsApp Business API lacks a special user interface. To make use of it, you’ll need a customer service platform like Bulk SMS Service Provider. You are prepared in no time at all:

  • Set up your trial account for free.
  • Connect your WhatsApp Business number with a bulk SMS service provider.
  • Access the WhatsApp Business API by making a request.
  • You may start using WhatsApp Business with your team in ten minutes.

You will be assisted by the employees of the Bulk SMS Service Provider while waiting for WhatsApp to approve your request.

How to add multiple users on WhatsApp?

Setting up a Bulk SMS Service Provider is quick and simple for managing a WhatsApp Company with numerous users. For instance, it doesn’t take long to create a new user. A new way of securing the customer’s information and user authentication is “Login with WhatsApp

As you add them, you could provide user-specific access, commonly known as “staff permissions.” You may choose from four different types:

  • accounts payable (can invite colleagues, review the statistics, handle communications) (can manage chats, monitor statistics, invite coworkers)
  • Supervisor (can monitor conversations and look into contacts’ conversational histories) (can manage chats, inspect conversation history of contacts) (Can control chats and examine contacts’ communication logs)
  • User (can only react to messages that have been assigned to them) (can only respond to messages that have been allotted to them) (Can only respond to messages that are assigned to them) (Can only respond to messages that are assigned to them)
  • smallest user (can only assign chats, but can not respond to them) (Can only delegate chats; cannot participate in them.)

Wrapping Up:

WhatsApp for business is here to stay. It is an easy-to-use application that provides crucial data on the effectiveness of your message.

It’s critical to evaluate your company’s expectations while choosing between the WhatsApp business app and API.

Even while a small business may find the free WhatsApp app to be quite alluring, as your organization grows you will need a solid WhatsApp solution.

With a service like SMS Service Provider, you can make the most of WhatsApp Business API and combine all of your corporate communication channels into a single, standardized interface that supports automation across the board (messaging, websites, and applications) (messaging, website, and apps).

If you have a small team and a manageable volume of incoming WhatsApp messages, you and your team may manually distribute messages to one another.

With this method, messages will never get the same responses again.

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