September 29, 2023
Kerala tourism

Kerala, located in southwestern India, is a land of charming natural beauty. Kerala tourism offers scenic backwaters, serene beaches, lush green landscapes, and misty hills. In short, Kerala is a heaven for nature lovers. Beyond its scenic beauty, Kerala is also home to diverse wildlife. Further, offers unique chances to get up close to nature’s wonders. Here, we’ll explore the best wildlife experiences Surat to Kerala package offers. So go and immerse yourself in the richness of its natural heritage.

Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary

One of the wildlife places in Kerala is the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, located in Thekkady. Nestled amidst the Cardamom Hills, this is known for its rich biodiversity and landscapes. Embark on a boat safari on the Periyar Lake, where you can spot various animals.

For example, if you are lucky, elephants, deer, sambar, wild boars, and even tigers. It is a heaven for bird watchers, with many species of birds. A visit to the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary offers a great wildlife experience. Further, with trekking, bamboo rafting, and nature walks.

Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary

Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary in the Wayanad district is another must-visit wildlife spot in Kerala tourism. This is known for its scenic landscapes, dense forests, and diverse flora and fauna. You can take a jeep safari and see Asian elephants, spotted deer, and Indian bison.

It is also home to various species of birds, making it a haven for birdwatchers. You can also visit the nearby Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary, which offers the same wildlife. It is further known for its population of tigers.

Silent Valley National Park

For a truly immersive wildlife experience, visit the Silent Valley National Park in the Palakkad district. This pristine tropical rainforest is home to many flora and fauna. For example, it includes rare species like the lion-tailed macaque and the Nilgiri langur.

Further, take a guided trek to explore its gushing streams and waterfalls. The park is heaven for bird watchers, with many species of birds calling it home. In Silent Valley National Park, you witness the unseen beauty of its natural heritage.

Thattekad Bird Sanctuary

If you are a bird watcher, visiting the Thattekad Bird Sanctuary is necessary. It is near Kochi and heaven for bird watchers, with 300 species of birds. Take a walk through the sanctuary’s trails, along with a guide.

Further, he will help you spot and identify the different bird species. Keep your eyes on Malabar grey hornbill, the crimson-backed sunbird, and the Indian pitta. It offers a tranquil and immersive bird-watching feel that will leave you in awe.

Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary

Vembanad Lake, the Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, is heaven for bird lovers. Spread across 14 acres, home to various Indian and foreign birds.

Take a boat ride through its serene backwaters, where you can spot avian species. For example, egrets, herons, kingfishers, and cuckoos.

The best time to visit is during the migratory season, from November to February. During this time, you can witness thousands of migratory birds coming.

For example, the Siberian crane and the northern pintail. A visit to it offers calm and scenic bird watching.

Eravikulam National Park

Eravikulam National Park, near Munnar, is a unique wildlife spot. Further, known for its vast expanse of rolling hills and the Nilgiri tahr. Take a guided trek through the park’s trails.

Here you can witness stunning vistas of tea plantations, waterfalls, and rare flora. Spot the Nilgiri tahr, a mountain goat species endemic to the Western Ghats. The park is home to various species of birds, making it a bird watcher’s delight. Above all, Eravikulam National Park offers adventure, natural beauty, and wildlife.

Tips for Wildlife Exploration in Kerala

With its wildlife and natural beauty, Kerala tourism offers a delight for wildlife and nature lovers. To make the most of wildlife travel in Surat to Kerala package, following certain tips is necessary.

Here are some valuable tips that will enhance your wildlife experience. Further, these will help you make responsible choices during your tour.

1: Respect Wildlife and Maintain Distance

While encountering wildlife in their natural habitat is thrilling. But it’s crucial to remember that these animals are wild and should be respected.

Maintain a safe distance from the animals and never attempt to touch or feed them. Further, respecting their space ensures their well-being and helps preserve their natural behavior.

2: Hire a Knowledgeable Guide

To gain a deeper knowledge of the wildlife and their habitats. However, it’s advisable to hire a professional guide.

A trained guide can provide valuable insights, identify many species, and share facts. They can also help you navigate through the wildlife reserves safely.

3: Pack Essential Gear

Carry needed gear to enhance your wildlife exploration. Further, binoculars are handy for bird watching and seeing animals from afar.

A camera with a zoom lens allows you to capture stunning wildlife moments. It prevents you from intruding on their space during the visit. Proper clothing, sturdy footwear, and insect repellent are must-haves for outdoor visits.

4: Plan Your Timing

The right timing can increase your chances of spotting wildlife. Further, plan your visits during the early morning or late afternoon.

At this time, animals are most active. Many wildlife species are diurnal or crepuscular, meaning they are most active during these times. Above all, being patient will reward you with memorable encounters.

5: Practice Responsible Tourism

As responsible travelers, we need to practice the ethics and rules of tourism. Avoid throwing waste and further dispose of waste in the correct place.

Above all, follow the rules set by wildlife authorities and parks. Choose eco-friendly stays that support saving efforts and promote his type of tourism.

6: Preserve Natural Habitat

To save their natural home by staying on given trails and paths. It would be best if you did not go off into the areas that are not allowed.

Try not to disturb the nearby areas during your trip to them. Further, you can minimize your impact on the environment. You contribute to the long-term conservation of Kerala wildlife and their habitats.

7: Capture moments, Leave No Trace

Be careful while clicking photos of wildlife. It would be best to take care of animals’ welfare over getting the perfect shot.

Do not disrupt their behavior or stress them while clicking photos. It would be best if you further respected their natural rhythms and habitats. Remember, capturing moments responsibly is as important as leaving no trace behind.


Kerala wildlife and natural beauty make it a top spot for nature and wildlife lovers, from the lush green forests of Periyar and Wayanad to the tranquil backwaters of Kumarakom. Kerala tourism offers a unique chance to get close to its rich biodiversity.

Whether you are an avid bird watcher, wildlife seeker, or nature-loving person, the wonders of nature in Kerala wildlife places will leave you spellbound. So, plan your Kerala tour package from Surat, embrace the wilderness, and create joyful moments of Kerala’s diverse wildlife.

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