September 27, 2023

Privacy and Terms

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Tokoyo Times is a self-expression and thought-sharing platform. We believe that increasing the availability of information, encourages healthy debate, and making new connections between people that are beneficial. However, in order to maintain the freedom of expression and prevent violation of any human rights we have some restrictions or guidelines of content that are beneficial for all.

We rely on Our readers to report to us the irrelevant content that they find inconsistent with Our Community Guidelines.

Community Policies or Guidelines

Our community guidelines play an important role to create a strong relationship between both the reader and writer. Please follow these guidelines. We may update our policies from time to time, you can check here.

Adult Content

We do not permit any sexually explicit images, videos, or texts, especially any that promote rape, incest, bestiality, or necrophilia. Without the subject’s permission, never upload or share private, nude, sexually explicit, or subtly suggestive photographs or videos. Please let us know here if someone has published a private nude, sexually explicit, or non-explicit intimate and sexual photograph or video of you.

Such content will be removed, and we will take the necessary action.

Harassment and Threats

Do not harass or threaten others. This includes releasing private information of others that might be used to carry out threats, singling out someone for malicious abuse, and sexualizing someone in an unwanted way, Keep in mind that online harassment is illegal and harmful to humanity. We may take appropriate action about this type of content.

Malware and Malicious Content

Do not send malware or any other content that might harm or disrupt the operation of networks, servers, end-user devices, or other infrastructure. This includes hosting, embedding, or transmitting malware, viruses, destructive code, or other dangerous and undesired software or material. This also contains harmful code that distributes viruses, produces pop-ups, and attempts to install software without the user’s authorization. Kindly report this type of behavior and notified us.

Spamming or Misleading Content

Do not distribute content that misleads, or confuses others. This includes:

Misleading content related to health practices: misleading health or medical content that promotes or encourages people to engage in practices that cause serious physical or emotional harm to individuals, or public health harm.

Manipulated media: Media that has been technically modified or doctored in such a way that it misleads people and causes serious issues in a society or world.

In an educational, documentary, scientific, or artistic setting, misleading content is permitted; nevertheless, please be aware to include enough information to assist others to comprehend this context.

Personal and Confidential Data

Without permission, Do not store or distribute other people’s personal or private information. This includes passwords, financial details, and social security numbers, as well as bank account numbers, credit card numbers, signature images, and personal health papers. We will take action if we are notified of unlawful activities.

Regulated Products and Services

Do not sell, market, or help others to sell regulated products and services. Alcohol, gambling, drugs, unapproved supplements, cigarettes, explosives, firearms, or health/medical equipment are examples of regulated products and services. Please notify us of any suspected violations of Community Guidelines.

Enforcement of Tokoy Times’ Content Policy

Please notify us of any suspected violations of Community Guidelines. When someone reports any content, it is not automatically deleted. Our team reviews reported content to ensure that it violates our Community Guidelines. We will not take any action against the blog or its owner if it does not break our guidelines. If we discover that a blog violates our community guidelines, we will take one or more of the following steps, depending on the violation of guidelines.

  • If any changes are required, so we do changes to the published content.
  • Delete the offending content, post, or media.
  • Permanently Blocked a user on Tokoyo Times.
  • Reporting to the relevant agency.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our policies.